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Staircase Remodeling

We can build or remodel any stair type from a standard straight boxed or open, to beautiful and unique circular, curved, winder or spiral stairs. We produce wood, iron & glass stairways. Our balustrades (banister) are of domestic & exotic wood and metal including handrail, balusters (pickets) and newel posts.  Our products are structurally sound and architecturally pleasing, as you will see from the gallery of photos.


Flooring Max Design Center uses a variety of domestic or exotic woods and other architectural materials; we can produce different types of hardwood & iron stairway styles. We only use the finest materials in building our stairways. This means premium grade Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Walnut, Cherry, and many other Hardwoods. All custom stairways are hand-crafted to the exact precision pitch to form a smooth and even flow of elegance. It is engineered for sturdy construction while being aesthetically pleasing and making each stairway a beautiful work of art.

Straight Stairs

If your project requires a straight stair design we can build them. Our designers can make them free standing (no walls underneath) or open risers for a contemporary look. They can be boxed or open tread, whichever fits your budget and space limitations. All of our stairs are built with the same attention to detail and outstanding craftsmanship.

Curved Sairs

When you purchase a curved stair from us, we include design ideas, shop drawings and assurance your stair is structurally and architecturally sound. There are no compromises in material used. For example, all of our components are solid wood. There are no engineered plywood components used anywhere. All curved stairs are built by hand in the old world style of traditional woodworking. We are extremely proud of our stairs and the amount of special care we put into them.

Spiral Stairs

If it’s a spiral stair in your plans we can build them from all wood, all metal or a combination of both. Our designers can take this space saving stair and fit them into most rooms that won’t allow a traditional straight or curved stair.

Give your staircase a personal touch with beautiful wood. Consider selecting from our standard species that include Oak, Cherry, Hard Maple, Beech or Poplar. Add a higher degree of distinction with one of our premium wood species shown below and in the Premium Species section. If you desire to create a completely custom look, we will craft any style of stair in the exotic specie of your choice.